About Us

HeartShare Club is a Mid-Wilshire based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for aspiring artists 13 years and older. Starting out with five original charter members in November of 2013, we have started to expand. We yearn for as many members as possible who are willing to commit to our cause.

Artistic talent being an intangible resource, our goal is to make our abilities tangible. We attempt to do this by teaching art to the less fortunate, painting free for people in need, and doing anything possible to better our community through the means of art. We raise money through exhibitions where we sell our paintings.

We also paint murals which we are then later paid for. We gain money any way possible that incorporates our talents. All our money goes to the cause, and we guarantee full transparency for all financial activity related to our organization.

Head Row (F/W 2023)
President – Jamie Go
Vice president – Priscilla Kim & Yonjae Ethan Kim
Publicist – Seongmin Yoo & Issac Yoo
Secretary – Ellen Pak & Jenna Yoonseo Lee
Treasurer – Isu Hong

Head Row (Summer 2023)
president – Kwanghyun
vice president – Chris & Jamie
publicist – Ellen & Isaac
secretary – Alex & Ethan
treasurer – Priscilla

Head Row (Spring 2023)
President: Irene Chang
Vice Presidents: Kwanghyun Kim & Juri Kim
Secretary: Ethan Kim & Alex Lee
Publicist: Jamie Go
Treasurer: Issac Yoo

Head Row (F/W 2022)
President : Julia Im
Vice Presidents: Kwanghyun Kim and Juri Kim
Secretary: Ethan Kim and Alex Lee
Treasurer: Isaac Yoo
Publicists: Jamie Go

Head Row (Fall 2021)
PRESIDENT – Rebecca Lee
VICE PRESIDENT – Christina Lee, Priscilla Lee
SECRETARY – Minseo Shin, Eric Park
PUBLICIST – Ara Lee, Juri Kim
TREASURER – Sydney Baek

Head Row (Spring 2019)
PRESIDENT – Chris Song
VICE PRESIDENT – Irene Park, Judith No
SECRETARY – Shihyun Kim, Josh Kim
PUBLICIST – Andrew Pak
TREASURER – Abigail Han


Mugunghwa Silver Town (1st, 3rd, 5th Saturdays)

10:00AM – 11:20AM

1423 S. Manhattan Place
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Alexandria (2nd, 4th Saturdays)

9:45AM – 11:00AM

1515 N. Alexandria Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027